Sunday, April 29, 2012

Time to buy a house... never mind we need a car.

In January of this year we decided we were ready for a house. We found a few we liked and called Missy Castleberry-Taylor, our real estate agent and one of my favorite cousins. We looked at a few and fell in love with two. We spent then next 2 weeks debating over the two. We looked at pros and cons, asked our friends and family there opinions and just when we were ready to call Missy and put in our offer disaster hit. My car left me stranded on the side of 400 in rush hour traffic. I was scared and angry and when I called the dealership to ask when they could fit me in and what they thought it could be, they were everything but friendly. They kept my car for a whole week (it was under warranty) and when I got it back it still didn't seem right. The guy at the dealership told me to give it a few days and it would "work itself out".Skip ahead 5 days.... We were in Jasper visiting his family and the car started acting up just like it had in the beginning. Chris was super angry. We made it home and agreed we would take it back to the dealership Monday and tell the guy he was wrong. It did not "work itself out". Well the next morning when I got in my car to take it to them it would not budge. AT ALL. Chris and I made it to work and he got in his tow truck and towed the thing in. The nice guy at the dealership told me it would take a day or two to diagnose it.Five days later he called to say the computer blew up and we still have no clue whats wrong with it.>WHAT?! At this point I was getting angry and when I get angry I get whiny and then I cry. I told him to get an estimate on fixing the computer. $1000.00. He claims that it had nothing to do with the original reason the car came in but it was doing the same thing! I told him to fix it so I could sell it. I was over it. He fixed it and tried to talk me into going back to a FORD product. Hahaha. I drove it to the dodge place and traded for a brand new dodge charger that I love! Sadly the fusion has broken down 3 times since the dodge place took it and I was told it was fixed!!! I feel bad for them but so glad I am not dealing with that mess anymore. We have taken a break house hunting and plan to resume in a couple months when we save more money!