About me

Wife to a history buff, mama to a beautiful baby girl, daughter to a feisty redhead and a car buff and sister to two of my best friends.

I am an avid equestrian who has been to the Nationals and the World Championships. I love my horses and the talent God has given me. I have been riding since birth. Seriously, mom rode horses while pregnant with me. Mom said that when it got to the point where she couldn't ride she would have the strongest urge to be around horses. I think it was a sign that I am meant to be in the saddle! Some days I have to remind myself to Get my butt to the barn. Even though it's my passion I lose time. The face face below usually kicks my butt in gear...

I am a pitbull lover and a mama to two pups. They are my world even though they drive me insane. 
I am a proud southern girl. I love SEC football, sweet tea and red velvet cake.
I believe there is something so charming about the south and I try to be a proper southern belle daily. Problem... I curse. I am trying to be better!

I am a wanna be chef. I love to cook and Share recipes, so stick around for those! 
I help run my family towing business by day and it's a boys world. I am constantly having to prove myself to the 18 men I work with, but I rock it!

I love God and my church and I think Him daily for all he has given me.

I can be awkward and OCD and silly and loud, but that's just me!

That's me in a nutshell. I hope ya'll enjoy. Now, grab a glass of sweet tea and read on! 

If you need me, email me at daffodilsandlace@gmail.com or follow me on twitter or Facebook! 


Cat Logan said...

HEY! I am so excited I stopped by to check out your blog from the Link and Mingle!! I am also proud to be from the South, LOVE horses ( I dream of having my own one day) although I haven't had an oppurtunity to ride in several years (BOOO). And what true southern doesnt love sweet tea and above all else the LORD :)
I cant wait to read more and get to know you etc.
Excited to be your newest follower :)

Have a blessed day!
Cat @ This Little Life of Mine

Sarah J said...

We may be soul mates. Horses, SEC football, and Sweet Tea. Love your blog!