Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ava Grace: 1 month

Blogging with an infant is hard!

She is definitely over a month old now and I haven't finished her birth story but I had to share. I mean look at those eyes. Swoon.

The first month flew by. Time, slow down!

We are learning each other still but everything is starting to click. She definitely has an angry cry. She is a daddy's girl and prefers to snuggle with him at night. She is fascinated by Riley and will watch him for the longest time. Bath time is her favorite and will usually relax her to sleep. She is smiling and can roll from her tummy to her back. She will do it over and over again. She is very strong for her age. A strong core could mean a future equestrian! She sleeps in 4 hour stretches through the night (sometimes longer) and we hope that lasts! She is learning to like the car (finally) so maybe we can start adventuring out more.

We love watching her learn new things and take in the world around her. I can't wait to see what this next month brings and what new things she learns along the way.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Ava Grace's Birth Story: Part 1

Going into this pregnancy I was terrified. I do not do well with medical stuff and the thought of being poked and groped and in a hospital terrified me. I considered a home birth because I knew that I was risking a panic attack by delivering in a hospital. Towards the end of the pregnancy I was so over it I didn't care where I delivered. I just wanted her out. I tried everything to induce labor. EVERYTHING...

Pineapple juice, spicy food, eggplant parmesan, walking, bouncing, nipple stimulation, sex... Nothing worked. People risked their lives when they would ask, " You still haven't had that baby?" Um... I still look like a freaking beached whale don't I? I was irritable and so ready to have Ava Grace in my arms.

The best thing I did was join a Facebook group for mommies due in December. We all battled the pregnancy woes together and they assured me my body could do this. We all naively compared birth plans and I actually thought I stood a good chance of sticking to mine. It was simple and didn't include any crazy requests.

 I wanted to be able to avoid the IV as long as possible.
 I only wanted my mom and Chris in the room.
 I didn't want many visitors before, during and after.
And the most important one...
I wanted the epidural. ASAP.

I didn't need a special playlist or a special tea to relax me or any of that. I just wanted the drugs so hopefully I wouldn't panic or throw up and pass out from pain. I pictured myself going into labor at work and strolling to the car. Hubs would drive me to the hospital we would check in. I would get the drugs and all would be well. Ha... Little did I know...

She was due Friday, December 4th. She didn't get the memo. Saturday and Sunday I felt like crap. My hands were swelling and I felt light headed. My appointment was Wednesday to talk about our next step, but I knew I probably wouldn't make it until then.

Monday morning I woke up and went to work. My sister and I were working on setting up our new office so it was kind of a chill day but around 10:00AM my hands started swelling  to the point where I couldn't make a fist. I tried to ignore it but then my vision started to blur. Fun, I know.

I called the Dr and they said to come in so I got my grandmother to drive me because I couldn't see road signs at that point. At the Dr. they said my blood pressure was high. I was dilated to a 2 and Ava Grace was at station 2. Final verdict: go to the hospital, we will induce you.

I was so nervous but so excited all at the same time. It kind of hit me... I am about to have to push a child out of my body! I went and picked up hubs and we grabbed lunch and headed to the hospital.
That's where the real fun starts...

Friday, January 1, 2016

Space Cadet: A Pregnancy Story

It has been so long since I sat down to write a post. I keep thinking, "I really need to document my pregnancy for Ms. A", and now... "I really need to document her birth story," but then I sit down and my mind goes blank. It's like I forget what words are and how to string them together. Her journal is going equally well. I just can't get my life together.

It's kinda funny. People used to talk about baby brain and I would roll my eyes and say "Oh that will never be me. I will never let the child rule my thoughts." Ha, never say never.

When pregnant, I would do silly things like leave my cellphone in the refrigerator or forget to turn off the oven. Oops. I couldn't form sentences or remember words and all of the paperwork for work... HA! It's a good thing I work with dad and he kind of double checked everything at the end.

The worst case of baby brain had to be the day I was driving to work and turned a left off of our street and there were people walking down the road. They confused the hell out of me and for a brief 5 seconds, I could not for the life of me remember which side I was supposed to drive on. That scared the hell out of me and luckily Ava Grace was born the next week.

Baby brain has gotten better in some ways since she arrived. I am more alert and can focus and form sentences now, but I still think post pregnancy baby brain exist. I am forgetting things constantly. Like, "when did I shower last?, Did I put on deodorant? Have I had food today?" 

The kid takes all of my energy and brain power but gosh, I love her. Now that I kind of have a brain again maybe I can post her birth story this week!