Monday, May 27, 2013

The reason my name could NEVER be Grace....

Remember when you were little and you played house or barbies and you ALWAYS chose a name other than your actual name? 

Am I the only one who did that? I always wanted to be a Stacey or Lilly, but my favorite name was Grace. Why did mom name me Mallory and not Grace? All the Grace's I new were adorable, dressed well and had the best toys. And they got away with more because their sweet name played tricks on people. 

Okay so I only knew one Grace, but the brat was living large. I mean I was spoiled rotten, but she was spoiled and petted on by all the teachers. 

I found out last weekend why my name could never be Grace. 

Ugh..  this is embarrassing but here goes... I broke my toe. Here is where I should make up a story... I fell was thrown off a wild stallion, my foot was ran over by a car while I saved a fellow pedestrian, I was in a bar fight in stilettos. Nope. 

The truth is, I broke my toe at a church retreat. I was sitting down when it happened. We were sitting at tables and some of our backs were to the speakers so we had to turn our chairs so we were not rude. The speaker at the time was the Priest. Okay, best behavior time. I listened attentively and when it was time for group discussion I kind of picked up my chair but kept my butt in it. I then proceeded to put the chair on the toe and plop down oh so gracefully. Then, because the Priest was behind me and I could not shout profanities I did this number....

I am pretty sure my face really caught fire. As soon as I could I ran to the restroom to check my wounds. I was gushing blood and was the first person to use the new meeting facilities first aid kit. I am a legend, I tell you. I spent the rest of the weekend limping every where we had to go. It was really cute and graceful.

 My husband tried to look concerned when I got home but he then he busted out laughing. It's okay, I milked it and he cleaned Casper's stall for a week. Laugh away Chris, Laugh away. 

So that is why my mom was right in not naming me Grace, but instead opting for Mallory, which in some baby books means "unlucky". Come to think of it, the next Grace I knew was a terror so she can keep her lovely name. It doesn't work for me anyways. 

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Palmolive soft touch review!

This time my Influenster Vox came just at the right time. Why?
We bought our house in October. I haven't had a dishwasher since October. It's been awful. I haven't kept my nails painted because, what's the point? I am just going to ruin them when I clean up the kitchen.

Well, Influenster sent me a solution.

Palmolive  is Tough on Grease and Soft on Hands! Finally my nails can stay pretty. I kept the vitamin E formula and gave the coconut butter to mama. I hope she enjoys it! 

  • Suds easily. I hate when detergents do not get sudsy so I was happy to see bubbles!
  • Pleasant scent
  • Made my hands super soft
  • Easy on the nail polish!!! I had just painted my nails so I was reluctant to try it, but no chips! 
  • A little goes a long way
  • If you use to much it is hard to rinse it all out.
  • The scent kind of sticks to plastics (Maybe because I used to much?)
I will definitely be buying more of the vitamin E soft touch formula. I washed dishes and for once didn't feel like my hands were suffering! For more reviews click here. To buy your own, head to Wal-Mart!

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 "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Prayers for Oklahoma.

Tonight, I am praying for Oklahoma, a state I have come to love through my horse shows out there. It is a beautiful state with some of the sweetest people you will ever meet.

So tonight I am praying....

Praying for all that are still lost.
Praying for those that are still searching.
Praying for those that didn't make it.
Praying for their families.
Praying for the injured.
Praying for the scared.
Praying for the dogs, cats, horses and cows.
Praying that they find more survivors.
Praying  that the community can be rebuilt and hearts somewhat restored.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!

May 7th 1988 I made my entrance. My mom's water broke while working at the family business.  25 years later, I was sitting behind the desk at the family business. Things come full circle folks.

This year Chris's grandma was having hip replacement surgery, so I worked and he spent the day at the hospital.

My sissy Sara stepped in to make my day awesome. She knows about my obsession with office supplies and got me an amazing notebook and some super cute pens to use for my Bible study. I was ecstatic. I am a nerd at heart. Don't judge. 

Oh and I have already lost the pink pen. I was distraught and it triggered a whole OCD episode. That's a different story for a different day. 

Then Chris decided to be super sweet and posted a super sweet message.

Did I mention I got married on my birthday? He only has to remember 1 day. Lucky, lucky man. 

Sissy Sara knows that a true southern woman has red velvet cake for her birthday celebration and she brought me an amazing one. I may or may not have had 2 pieces. 

Chris picked me up from work and we watched his cousin play baseball. It was a super close and exciting game! They lost though. Oops.

When I got home that evening, these amazing chairs and pillows were waiting on my porch. Thanks Mama! I plan on painting my porch black to make them pop.

We finished the evening picking flowers that randomly grew in my horses field. 

It was a perfect day and I was reminded that I am blessed. A happy birthday to me! 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful mama! 

Dear Mama, 
 I am so blessed to have your guidance. From you I have learned to stand up for what I believe in, to hit my knees when things get hard, to love with all I've got and to remember where I came from. 

I know that you are where I got my love and compassion for animals and I appreciate it. It's made my life so much more rewarding. 

I know that you are where we get our riding talent from. You are the reason we feel freedom on horseback. You have supported us and hauled us to lessons and shows and sacrificed for us to get where we have made it. 

You've taught us how to be graceful ladies and if I can be half the woman you are and teach my kids half of what you've taught me I have done something.

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

A look at the guest room

Do ya'll remember when I showed you guys the blogging/craft room? It was a work in progress at the time but its almost done now and I thought I would share another room in my house with you.

Today I chose the guestroom. I decided to go with a vintage, old sophisticated equestrian (but girly!) theme. Did you just go "huh?"

Here, look at the pictures...

: :    The rocking chair was my great-grandfathers and he sat in it every evening after taking care of the      horses. We always gathered around for story time or crawled into his lap. After his death it was left outside to rot. My husband (then boyfriend) went and got it out of the yard and restored it for me for Christmas. It made it perfect down to the crooked diamond on the back I traced as a kid. I knew then I had to marry this man. 

: :    The horse in the back ground was painted white for contrast.

: :    The bed is an old antique that came from Grady Hospital in Atlanta. At first I thought that was creepy, but now I appreciate the history and think it's pretty cool.

: : The lace curtains have been in my room since I was a child.

: : Those stirrups were the ones I rode in when I won my state championship with Casper. Now that he is retired those stirrups mean a lot. 

: : The vase is an antique my mama bought me as a housewarming gift when I first moved out. 

: : The candle is my unity candle from our wedding. It has 1 Corrinthians 13 on it.

: :The helmet was an old show helmet I wore as a child.

: : The dresser is older that the hills and needs to be redone, but I love it. I love the curve of the top drawers and the details on the tilt mirror. It was a gift from my sister (she couldn't fit it in her new room.) and one of my favorite pieces.

: : You can't see it in the picture but there is an old dressage whip in the corner that was the one I used the whole time I rode Casper. Again, I am a sentimental freak.

: : I wish you could see the girly chandelier but the light is on. It is adorable and I told Chris even if we have a boy and he moves into the room, the chandelier stays. 

: : The roses on the ground have been in my room since the day I came home from the hospital. 

: : That white shag rug is so soft, that I may or may not lay on it and read. Thanks mama and daddy! It was the best Christmas gift of the year. 

So that's the guestroom. It is definitely my favorite room of the house. It's so girly and equestrian-ish all at the same time.

What do y'all think?
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