Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why we work...

We work because he tells me I am gorgeous and I tell him he is a sexy man daily.

We work because he smacks my butt during house chores and I pretend to hate it. (We both know I don't.)

We work because he understands that I need a girly room in the house and I get that he wants part of the barn to be his workshop.

We work because he loves the fact that I am a child at heart, a free spirit and I love the fact that he is wise beyond his years.

We work because he loves my little southern sayings and ways and I find his Midwestern tendencies cute.

We work because he takes mama and I antique hunting and I go to the museums with him.

We work because he understands how much I need horse time and I understand that he needs his historical documentaries.

We work because we are content staying in and snuggling instead of going out some nights even though I am typically a social butterfly.

We work because when I crank up the country music he laughs when I get silly and belt it and sing all the words wrong and when he gets ghetto I try to video him throwing deuces leaned back in my charger.

We work because he thinks it is sexy when I am teaching lessons to the kiddos and I think it is so hot when he is in farmer mode.

We work because he spends time with my crazy family and I spend time with his.

We work because he puts up with my sister and I making him pose for the camera every chance we get and I know when he has had enough.

We work because our fights are intense but we both forgive and forget quickly. 

We work because we can sense when the other is a their breaking point at work and pick up each others slack and calm each other down. 

We work because he gets that occasionally I NEED to sleep late and I know that 5 AM is his wake up time no matter what day of the week it is. 

We work because we pray together.

We work because he sits in the pew at my little Baptist church at least one session during revival because he knows my roots are there and I go to his Catholic church with him. 

We work because we respect each other. 

We work because we realize we are different but we are the same. 

We work because we cherish one another. 

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I took a leap

Think about that for a minute.
You miss 100%... if life were a test you would get a big fat zero. As in FAILING.
Life is about taking chances. Sticking your neck out there. Stepping into the unknown.

In May of 2013 I took a shot at something different.  I joined a company called It Works! I was so excited to take a leap that could change my life. I worked hard at it but hesitantly. I was proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and joining but I was still holding myself back.

Then July rolled around. I challenged myself to step it up. I told myself I would work this with all I had and see if I could buy my husband a truck by the time his birthday rolled around. You guys can read about how we accomplished that here! That really set a fire. I could do this! This was life changing! I took a shot and joined It Works and the opportunities it was giving me were amazing.

This year at conference they announced G.O.O.D (Get Out of Debt) bonuses were back! (This amazing company teaches us to strive to be debt free. They honestly care about us.) I was ecstatic! My goal is to get there! Can you imagine an extra $10,000? That is the bonus for reaching Diamond status.

So that is my goal! If you or anyone you know is interested in that crazy wrap thing or the products, check out my website at !

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