Our Zoo Crew

Our first babies were fur babies,  who have a pretty tight grasp on our hearts. You will see them mentioned here and there. You will probably get to here about how Riley has mama issues, Lacey is too smart for her own good and Casper is my other half. For now enjoy their intros! 


He is a lab/pit mix who was literally hours from being put down. When I first got him he was so scared and he had given up on life. He wouldn't walk and wouldn't look at us. We carried him to the car and then he wagged his tail... and it's been non-stop love since that moment! We have occasional bumps, but he is such a doll. I hope that his story will encourage others to adopt! 


Lacey is min pin that I bought rescued from a pet store. They had her in a crate with 4 other dogs. She had fungus on her ears and feet and was terrified. I talked the lady down to half price and ran out of there with her! My mom went back and got one of the other dogs and shortly after the place was investigated and shut down. Lacey passed her Canine Good Citizen test and is a local  office celebrity. Customers ask for her daily. It's ridiculous! 


Casper was severely abused, to the point of permanent damage. We fell in love when I was 10, my parents bought him when I was 12 and we have been together since! It took years to break down the barriers he put up, but I did it and we were reserve state champs! We have a bond like no other. I love this old man. He is my heart.  

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