Friday, July 26, 2013

Breathe in , Breathe out

Hello! I feel like it has been forever. And it has.
I have been working my normal 8-5 at the family business, working on a new business venture and it's hay season on the farm. Can you say hectic?!

I feel like in the mad rush, I have forgotten to breathe. I feel like moments of panic creep in again. I hate panic attacks. I haven't had one in forever but here recently I feel like they are constantly in the background.

I just need to remember to take deep breaths.

Kinda hard when you do not have a spare minute.

Also, We are really aggressively paying off all of our debts and falling Dave Ramsey's plan. With that your bank account hits "0" every month. That is terrifying. I let it hit 0 one time and panicked. It's supposed to hit 0 again next week after I pay the house. Actually, I do not plan on letting it do that again. I am supposed to next week, but that I cheated and paid everything early with the intent of not letting it hit 0.

Oh and my hubs is picking fights, because you know it's Friday and that is what he does.

I need a drink.
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Viva La Dog Spa!

Recently,  I had the great opportunity to try out Viva La Dog Spa's Rescue Me! Deep Conditioner. I watched the mailbox and the second it came in I rushed Riley and Lacey to the basement dog shower!

Riley was seriously in need of some rescuing. He has always had horrible allergies which led to bad skin and brittle hair, so he went first. I opened the tube and wow, it smelled fantastic. I definitely didn't get the normal chemical smell from most dog shampoo and conditioners. There may or may not have been a moment of " hmmm....  maybe this should be mommy's conditioner." Kidding. Maybe. I probably will buy some for myself.

Anyways, I put some on him and started rubbing it in and I instantly felt his coat getting softer. I kept scrubbing and when I rinsed it out his black coat looked blacker and softer. I was amazed. I dried him off and the change was really noticeable. He had a shiny coat, a soft coat and he smelled great!

I grabbed Lacey and put her in the shower too! She is the stinkiest of the 2 so I knew if it made her smell better we had something. After her bath her normal doggy smell was gone.

Throughout the day I notcied that they were both scratching less than normal. Another perk, my hands were baby soft! Win-win.

**I was not financially compensated for the post. I received samples of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The weather is bad and other excuses...

So there for awhile, I was working out like crazy. Well kind of crazy. Every other day crazy, which is good for me. I was motivated and proud of myself.

Then the rain hit. I think it has been like 2 or 3 weeks of rain and we are waiting for Noah to show up any day. The first few days I walked in the rain anyways. See? Motivated. Then thunder and lightening hit. Oops, can't walk in the lightening!

See, what's happening? So after I skipped the thunder storm day, I didn't return to the park. I have been using drizzle as an excuse and the gully washers we have been having for the past 8 days definitely mean no work out.

Chris pointed out that we have an elliptical and a punching bag in the basement. I shot him a look and he quickly shut up. Then he pointed out that he bought me all the Zumba videos and Yoga videos. I ignored him.

Then we took 4 days off. I had so much time to work-out nap. I practiced being a professional nap taker this week. Professional athlete I am not ( well I am supposed to be. You know, equestrian and all.)

I really need to get back on track, but it's supposed to rain for 6 more days. That is 6 more days of naps and not walks y'all! 

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Reasons I love Georgia Summers.

I am sitting here in the AC,  staring out at a super sunny day, dreaming of being off in 3 days for a 4 day weekend. I love summer and I cannot wait for summer activities this weekend.
I thought I would share some of my favorites...
My piece of Heaven on Earth 

1. Banana splits.
Actually any ice cream treat, but this week my favorite is the banana split. So many awesome flavors in one thing and it's cold. Plus, I can say it's healthy, there is fruit in it!

2. The lake or river or pool, we have it all here.
I am a water bug. I love floating around and playing on the boat and I am not happy until I have been out on the lake. Sadly, our boat is down but that doesn't mean I can take advantage of the beach or one of the many dirt road swimming holes around here.

3. Driving.
I love driving my car with the windows down and music up. I love driving the jeep with the top off. I love driving the Gator or the four wheeler or even the tractor. There is just something about the warm air and the sunshine and wheels.

4. Tanning.
Sleeping in the sun in a hammock. Yes please.

5. Lightening bugs.
I can sit and watch them forever. Last night there were fireworks going off  and we sat in the barn with the horse and watched them while the lightening bugs danced.

6. The food.
Bar-b-Que , funnel cakes, ice cream, fresh veggies, fruit, anything on the grill... I love summer food. Plus, you eat most of it with friends, outside. Magic.

What's your favorite part of summer?

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Father's day - A Cardstore review.

When Lauren at CardStore contacted me about reviewing one of their cards I was super excited!
I had noticed some of the cards around the blogosphere and have always thought that they were so cute!

I decided that I would pick out a Father's day card. There were so many to choose from and they were all adorable. Should I pick a sweet one? A funny one?

 I Picked a sweet one.

The next part was super fun. I got to add a picture and a special note. I chose a picture of me and dad from my wedding and wrote a sweet note about how amazing he is. He loved it.

The card was so easy to make and customize and I didn't feel like I was handing him something generic. I can't wait for another reason to use Cardstore.

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