Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Oh Baby!

Thursday April 11th. I took dinner to Chris at the office because he had the night shift. I left around 10:30pm and on the way home started thinking about things to put on my grocery list for the next day.

Bread, milk, tampons... Wait that was supposed to be here like last week.

I chalked it up to the stress we have been having due to an emergency remodel on the basement (it flooded). I mean there is no way we were actually going to be parents.

When I got home I took a test just in case and felt confused as I saw two pink lines appear on the test. We have had so many negatives this year while trying that I thought this was a fluke. I took another one.

Two pink lines.

I called mama. "Mom, I just got a positive. How accurate are these things? Should I take another?" She assured me it was probably pretty accurate. I sat there in shock.

It was 11:30 at this point. I hopped back in the car and went back to the office. Chris was in the lounge watching a movie. " Turn off your movie" I said. I handed him the test. We hugged. I cried.

He later told me the way I came in there so late and crying he thought  someone had died. Oops. Not the mood I was going for.

So yeah, we are going to be parents! We are due December 8th!
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