Saturday, June 13, 2015

1st trimester recap

I did it! I made it through the first trimester!! What a freaking ride...

The whole first trimester was pretty much the same. It included stuff stretching, being super tired and LOTS of vomiting. So, I decided to spare everyone the weekly updates which would have been, "I vomited this week and the Dr. threatened to make me get fluids so I choked down some Pedialyte."

That was pretty much the first 14 weeks.

Seriously, the first trimester was tough. There were some days I could not even keep down water. I was super weak and I managed to lose 12 pounds.  I called my mom at one point crying and declaring, "What have I done? Why did I think I could handle this? I can't do this?! How did that Duggar lady do this 19 times?!"

Mom laughed at me, said I told you so and informed me that a lot of ladies don't have it this bad. Mom actually had it worse. She was super sick and was on bed rest, so she probably thought suck it up kid. My neighbor informed me she barely knew she was pregnant the whole time and I wanted to call her ugly names but I refrained.

So quick over view...

Food - I couldn't eat anything but plain pasta and watermelon and popsicles and cheese pizza. It sucked. This baby HATES sweets so no cookies or chocolate or any of that. I can't handle sweet tea. Sweet tea y'all. It has ran through my veins for so long I think I am detoxing. I also can't handle fried foods. Did I mention I live in GEORGIA?

Changes I've noticed- My boobs are already big but they are even bigger now! Chris is loving that.  My jeans no longer fit but that's okay. I have been wearing dresses and they show off the bump and I kinda love that.

The baby... Little one is the size of a navel orange and very active! I am feeling flutters and when we go to the Dr. you can hear baby H kicking at the heart monitor. That is the coolest thing ever.

Daddy... I know he is super nervous. His anxiety has kicked into high gear. At the same time, he is so excited. He has taken care of everything in the house while I have been sick. He works his but off at work. He talks to the baby every night and sleeps with his hand on my tummy. He asks randomly through the day, " Have you  felt flutters today? Are you okay today? How's the baby doing?" It is adorable. Daddy is the cutest role on him.

So that is the first trimester for us. It is hard but amazing. I can't wait for December!