Tuesday, June 25, 2013

spring voxbox!

I just received my second voxbox! My spring fever voxbox had some amazing goodies and I enjoyed every single product.

1. Schwarzkopf Proffesoonal Osis rough rubber- oh my... The texture it gave my hair was amazing. It didnt make my hair feel greasy or weighed down and it held forever! 

2. NYC New York color lipgloss- this stuff is amazing. My sister "borrows" it all of the time. It is smooth and stays on long. The appleicious flavor is fruity and the color is subtle but beautiful. 

3. Secret deodorant- I loved the scent of the deodorant. At first I thought it left a smudge on my dress but I realize now I had used my old deodorant. Last night I slipped on a new black tank top and no marks! 

4. Tasty Kake - yum. I got the s'mores version and it was light and tasty! 

5. Impress broadway nails- I loved the way they looked but with horses they just were not practical. I took them off after 4 days so I could ride but they would have lasted longer. I think I will buy more for date nights later! 


"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Breaking point...

As of Friday I had reached the breaking point. Admit it ... We all have one. Don't pretend you don't.
Mine just happens to be really ugly. REALLY, REALLY ugly.

Chris asked me why I dispatched a customer request the way I did and I came unglued. I am talking screaming, cursing, psychotic.

A coworker told me to smile. I told him to make me. (I swear I am 5).

Anyways, this weekend was much needed.

Saturday, I went to a women's church group meeting and then had dinner with the hubs and his grandparents. He treated me to chinese food even though I was a crazy lady.

Sunday, We went to Mass and then a church potluck dinner. After the potluck we went to a birthday party for our Godson. They had zoo animal cupcakes! I should have taken pictures, but I made myself not think about this week, which meant not thinking about work, the blog, working out... so no pictures.

After the birthday party Chris spoiled me and bought me new running shoes. I love that man. He just ordered take out so I don't have to cook. Sorry ladies, he does not have a brother.

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

A beautiful weekend...

Ahhh, the weekend. 

I did absolutely nothing and I am not sorry. 
I got the award for being lazy this weekend. 

Okay, lets start at Saturday. 
I slept until .... let's just say really late. 
I woke up and got dressed in my lazy girl jeans and headed to the barn. 
I didn't even muster up the energy to ride, y'all. How sad is that?
I spent the day watching training horses, snuggling with Soul and helping the kids bathe their horses after their rides. I was content with the coldest bottle of water, the breeze blowing and sun and sand. I pretended I was tanning at the beach. 

I came home from the barn and soaked in the tub and then decided to take a nap. 
See how productive this weekend is turning out to be so far? 
I get lazier if you can believe it. 

Sunday, I slept late again. 
I worked on making a new "It Works" binder for all of my client sheets. 
(shameless plug: newyouwithmallory.myitworks.com) 
I napped again. 
And finally decided to drag myself to the grocery store to buy wine and cookies. 

It was the perfect weekend. Perfect. I hope to do it again in 5 days! 

Ps- If you want to tighten tone and firm, check out my It Works website. If you are interested in becoming a distributor email me! 

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