Monday, January 28, 2013

I want you to hang out with me.

So do you want to hang out with me in February? I will let you sit right over there on the side bar and there will be giveaways and guest posts and girl talk and maybe a recipe or two (when I make it to the kitchen)... seriously, it will be grand. I think we could be good friends.

 I am constantly growing over here and I would love for you to be apart of it.I want you to be apart of it so badly I have made all ads 30% off this week! I am also offering giveaway spots like always, so join me. I would love to have you!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Friday Letters,
It has been awhile and I have kinda missed you. Your a great way to re-cap my week and my feelings.

Dear Cold Weather,
Brrr.... You do not make riding very fun. I hate feeling like an ice cube when I get done training. Not cool. There is a reason I live in the south and that reason is not the cold.

Dear Soul,
Ow. I understand you were frustrated because we were learning something new, but you didn't need to pull my arms out of socket. Seriously, my arms are on fire today.
Don't let that sweet face fool you. He was rotten last night, but it was still a blast. 
Dear weekend,
I am going to party like I'm 80. Comfort food and nap times galore. Do not throw any wrenches into that plan, okay?

Dear readers, 
Thank you for being here and while you are here join the giveaway! 

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I want 20 wedding dresses

We have been wedding dress shopping for the bestie's wedding dress and I have to say I am slightly jealous. Okay. I am really jealous. The dress shopping was my favorite part. I could have visited every bridal store in the south.

In fact I love my dress so much I wore it for a "southern" photo shoot and I plan to wear it in at least one more. Sorry, there is about to be a photo dump. Here are pictures from the wedding day...

I did not want to take it off. I do not understand how people have reception dresses. My plan was to stay in this dress until I absolutely had to take it off.  Which is why I put it on again for this photo shoot... 
Why can't we wear wedding dresses every day? 

If I were a boy...

I am spending some time with Erin and Gay for their brilliant "If I were a Boy" link up.
I am so excited. This is a post the hubs will be required to read. You know, hint-hint style.

If I were a boy....
.... I would not snore and if I did, I would not complain when someone reminded me to shut the hell up.

.... I would give massages to my wife, girlfriend or fiance every day without being asked.

.... I would not make my significant other watch anything related to home repair or anything boring like that.

.... I would learn how to say " yes dear" when my wife asked for diamonds or puppies.

.... I would make Melting Pot a once week thing, because I would get that date nights are important.

.... I would wake up 10 minutes before I had to go to work, because I wouldn't have to shave my legs.

.... I would eat whatever I want. Seriously, guys lose weight so much easier. 

.... I would wear t-shirts and jeans every day, because I can.

.... I would drink lots of alcohol and scream at football games on t.v (okay so maybe this already happens... )

And finally...
.... I would throw away my hair dryer and all that jazz because it wouldn't be needed anymore. Wouldn't that be amazing?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Facts of Me

You guys have got to hear a lot about me lately, and one of my faves Whitney, thought up this amazing "The Facts of Me" link up. I am my favorite topic so I just had to join in. So here goes...

1) I have an emotional attachment to my phone and computer. A little sad, but one of those two things are with me constantly.

2) I am always cold and I hate it. I am not happy unless it is at least 78 degrees. When I typed 78 degrees, I immediately thought of 98 degrees. Oh, the boy band days. 

3) I claim that my dog is a total mama's boy but I am pretty sure I am the one that fuels that relationship. I am a little obsessed with him.

4) I hate spending money, but love to shop. How the hell does that work? I am in constant battle with  myself. It's really sad. I usually just walk around stores like a creeper, talking myself out of purchases.

5) My pet peeve is when I am talking to the hubs and he doses off like an 80 year old. That just happened. I wanted to hit him scream at him. I just turned off his boring show, and it will take him 10 minutes to realize it. Well, he just noticed and now I am getting the stink eye.

6) I get super grouchy when I don't ride. No saddle time= mega bitch.
Can you blame me? Look at that face! 

7) I am an organized freak and hate when people reorganize my desk without asking. Organizing also makes me very happy and relaxed. 

8) Miranda Lambert's Airstream Song makes me insanely happy. 

9) I always have to have a candle lit. I have one at the office and one in each room at home. I think they are so relaxing. 

10) I love anything vintage and anything with lace. Oh and I love pearls. We went wedding dress shopping for my best friend's wedding and it made me wish that we could wear gorgeous dresses everyday. The world would be a better place if it were acceptable to wear wedding dresses 24/7. 

So there you have it. I am weird, but I think I am lovable. At least I hope I am. What are you facts?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Georgia is in panic mode

So the meteorologists threatened us with our yearly ice storm here in Georgia. There is no longer bread or milk in the stores and schools are already closing. Last time I checked it was still 37 degrees outside. People around here just CANNOT handle it.

 All day my wimpy little ass whined that the one lesson I was able to squeeze in this week was on the coldest day of the year. Then I got a text from the trainer that said, " The boat stopped running and I don't feel like swimming to the arena and later we will probably have to have the horses fitted with ice skates, so the lesson is cancelled."

My first though was, "I won't have to freeze!" Then I got home and started thinking about this....

And now my crazy self wants to be in the freezing cold arena. I am pretty indecisive. For reals. And maybe slightly insane.

Then I thought about how my parents generously left their elliptical machine here when they moved. Anyone else think it's weird that my parents moved out when I got older instead of the other way around? Anyways, I could have used my energy to workout, because Lord knows I need too. I never made it down stairs.

Those yoga pants and sneakers still are not being used for what the were intended for. Fact: I am a lazy lady.
I use the term "lady" loosely... I have a mouth like a sailor. I will work on it.

I have no idea where this post is going. Down the drain maybe? I seriously cannot for the life of me remember what I wanted to tell you guys. Oh, instead of the elliptical I organized the blogging/office room a little more and made badass  amazing tacos. I hope I get to show you guys this amazing room by next weekend. IKEA basically took it over and that makes me insanely happy.

Wanna know what else makes me insanely happy? My bed. Night ya'll!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rain, Rain Go Away!

It has been raining for four days in the lovely state of Georgia. Four days!

My whole world is soggy. Does anyone else think that the word soggy is an odd word?

Any who, with the wet conditions there have been no photos and as you can imagine no fun activities. It has seriously thrown me into a rut. Not just a blogging rut but a life rut.

My poor horse has not been outside in four days. He reared at me Monday. Lovely. Sorry, Casper, we have at least two more days of this crap.

I have to beg my dogs to go outside. Do you know how embarrassing it is to stand outside in my pajamas begging, " Please go potty, pleeeeaaaase." My neighbors probably think I am pretty pathetic and I can promise you my dogs think they have the upper hand here. And maybe they do.

My garage is flooding and smells lovely. I just kinda hold my breath when I walk to the car. I cannot wait until the rain stops so I can use the shopvac and clean up that mess.

I am sorry I have been slacking here the past couple of days, but now you know why. I am basically having to swim to work and back!

I promise to be in a better mood tomorrow.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


I was nominated by the amazing Betsy Lynn . She is a doll so go check her out!
So the random facts

1) Money stresses me out. We are doing well right now, but my husband obsesses over it and the last few days I feel like the walls are closing in.

2) I hate feeling like I have hurt someones feelings. I hate it.

3) Snuggling with my puppy is my favorite thing ever. He is like a big soft teddy bear.

4) I am happiest on the back of a horse.

5)  I have been told I should sing gospel music, but I don't think I can carry a tune so I won't even try.

6) I love antique stuff and would trade everything in my house in for them if I could.

7) I have the urge to adopt/rescue every animal adopted. It kills me to have to turn one away.

8) I am obsessed with mascara.

9) I ride horses and have been in several write ups. It makes me feel like a celeb every time it happens. Pathetic, I know.

10) I wish I could take a decent photo, but I can't. Even with the pro sister helping.

11) I am a procrastinator.

Now for the questions...
1.       What is your favorite book?
         Gone with the Wind. I could read it once a month and not get sick of it
.2.       What is a cherished recipe that has been handed down in your family?
        Probably my grandma's chocolate pie recipe. I will have to share it one day when I can find my recipe box.

3.       What was/is your favorite vacation?
        Williamsburg, VA. I have never been that relaxed anywhere.

4.       Do you use your degree that you got in school? If so, how?
        No, not at all. I majored in biology and work for my dad now.

5.       Did you always get along with your parents growing up?
        My mom and I bumped heads in high school but we are close now.

6.       Have you ever had extreme hair color?
        Nope, I have always stuck with blonde or brown.

7.       What is your favorite drink?
        Sweet tea, I have to have a glass a day at least

8.       What did you do for New Years Eve?
        I actually went to bed early because I had to work the next day. I am lame I know.

9.       How is 2013 going to be different for you? Excited, nervous, etc.?
       I am excited to spend more time with the blog and the book and my horses. 

10.   What is a favorite new blog that you have discovered?
        There are so many! I can't decide.

11.   What is your shoe size?
        I wear a size 8.5- 9

Okay... My nominees
Chasing Birdies
Little Woman, Little Home
Living with Fletch

My questions....
1) What is your favorite memory?
2) What is your favorite beauty secret?
3) Name your top 3 blogs that you read.
4) What book could you read over and over again?
5) Heel, boots, or flats?
6) What is your pet peeve?
7) Is there a fashion that went out that you would love to see come back?
8) Why did you start your blog and where did the name come from?
9) What is your current job? What is your dream job?
10) What are your plans for the next year?
11) What is your favorite place to be?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The other side of me...

So, you know how in my about me section I talk about how I am a crazy horse lady? You guys never get to see that. It is on an entirely different blog, but today I wanted to show ya'll what makes me tick. What relaxes me and what my passion is.

I wrote a post about my Saturday ride. Riding is a workout and like any workout sometimes you just don't want to train. But again like any work out you never regret it.

Here it is, the other side of me...
I have been battling a nasty cold for two weeks. Two weeks! I haven't felt like riding, because it's hard to breathe and it's been cold. Every time I have to trot for more that 5 minutes I have coughing spells that hurt. This week I finally felt better but still weak and it was freezing, but the trainer spoke and I got my butt to the barn. I told her I could squeeze in a ride early, but only a quick one. 

Saturday I showed up at 9 am. It was cold and the ground was still frozen. I immediately regretted agreeing to ride. The outdoor arena was frozen solid so I couldn't ride in the sunshine. Lovely, riding in the shaded arena in the cold weather. I waited for Soul to finish his grain and pulled him out of his stall. I peeled off his blankets and started to brush. As the shavings fell from him, the stress fell from me. He nickered and nuzzled and I smiled and laughed. We got tacked up and headed down to the covered arena where he could hardly stand still while I got on.

My trainer made her way to the arena and we went to work. He trotted and came into frame perfectly ( where the horses bend there necks and bodies pretty). I barely put my leg on and he molded to my leg around curves and floated around the arena. Then we asked for the canter (my favorite part). He can sometimes be a little strong and bossy but he was literally floating. I was sitting perfectly. It was like we were on the same brainwave. Our ride was cut short because he was being so perfect and we wanted to reward him. I walked him out much longer than normal, not wanting the ride to end. That ride I didn't want to start? The one I was convinced it was too cold to do?

Guess what... I was warm, relaxed and happy. It was just what I needed. I left the barn clear headed and confident. I left the barn happy and relaxed. I left the barn knowing little Soul and I had been just what each other needed and realizing I should never put riding on the back burner even if it is cold and I am sick. I never regret a ride. Ever. So why put off getting to the barn? I need to ride. For my sanity and my health. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Get to know me.

Today I was over at Travel Babbles and she is doing a twenty facts link up. I have noticed a few new followers around here so even though I have already spilled some secrets, I decided to join in and tell you a few things.

1) I wish that I could wear pajamas everyday. I worked from home for dad before I worked in the office and it made me LAZY. I wear yoga pants to work all the time.

2) I have a temper. I can sometimes be a bitch. Sorry. We are being honest here and that is me.

3) I just bought my childhood home and I am in love with it. I love sleeping in this familiar place and I love all the memories that are here and all the ones to come. It's the coolest feeling ever.

4) I could sleep 16 hours a day. I am a professional sleeper. My pillow and I are besties.

5) I love sweet tea. I have a glass everyday. I get grumpy without it.

6) I am an equestrian. I have ridden horses since birth (mom rode while pregnant with me). I have been to Grand Nationals and the World Championships but I still never feel good enough. One day.

7) I have a mouth like a sailor. I try to watch it on here but it is so damn hard!

8) I am OCD over somethings but somethings have to remain chaotic for me to be satisfied.

9) One of my favorite moments in the day... When Riley goes to sleep and dreams. He yips in his sleep and it is adorable. My heart melts.

10) I am trying to be more organized with this whole blog thing. I have a calendar and am ready for this next year. I am really bad about procrastinating but I am hoping that using the calendar will help with this.

11) I am a product junkie. There are probably 4 bottles of shampoo, 8 bottles of lotion, 6 bottles of perfume and 3 mascaras in my bathroom right now.

12) I sing constantly. About everything. If I don't know a song to fit the situation, I make up one. I am pretty sure this is why my husband married me. I am entertaining as hell. He says embarrassing but sometimes he mixes up his words.

13) I hope I one day have a little girl so I can play with all of the amazing toys I saved from my childhood. Seriously there are Polly Pockets in my attic waiting for that day. That makes me a loser, doesn't it?

14) I really want to go up in a hot air balloon, but my husband is terrified of the idea. This frustrates me too no end,

15) My animals are my babies and my family means everything. Seriously, I do not know what I would do without them.

16) I could eat Pizza every day. Why are there so many calories in pizza? There are veggies in it. Doesn't that count as healthy?

17) I think that humans should be allowed to hibernate during the winter. Seriously, we should be allowed to sleep and eat and snuggle without having to go out into the cold and work.

18) I have to sleep with a fan at night, but there cannot be any other noise and it has to be pitch black. I also have to sleep with 3 pillows.

19) The two most relaxing things in the world ... my farm and my horses. I just never make myself take the time to breathe and enjoy them until I am at the breaking point. This year I have decided to change that.

20) I love my blog. I hope it shows. This year I hope to open up more and show you all a little more me. I want to connect with you guys and build lasting friendships.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Riley's Resolutions!

I am exhausted and I have to work today, but we have a special guest... Riley.

This is Riley if he could talk...

Hey guys! I am Riley and I am my mom's favorite. Don't tell Lacey, because she thinks she is mama's favorite. So my mama talked all about her New Year's Resolutions last night, so I decided to make a list of my own. She also decided to drank a little drank, but I will not be doing that today. I am allergic to EVERYTHING! Anyways... here we go!

1) I am going to do my best to not be such a mama's boy teach my mama that we can do things separately. I do not have a problem, she does. I swear the lady is crazy. She is obsessed with me.

2) I am going to stop taking orders from the bossy min pin. She does not intimidate me... that much. Okay, maybe she is scary. She has a master plan to take over the world.


3) I am going to learn how to open the fridge. My parent's make it look so easy. It also holds all sorts of magical things. Like mom's special drink. She pours a tall glass and says, "Oh thank God for sweet tea!".  What is this sweet tea? Can I have some? She also loves wine and blue drink, all of that can be found in the fridge too! I have to figure out how to get in there.

4) I am going to convince my parents to buy me my very own bed. Nothing smaller than a queen for this boy. Oooh and lots of pillows. I love pillows. Especially mom's pillows. I swear, she is the one with Riley issues. I do not have Mama issues.

5) I am going to stop scratching my legs and pulling out my hair. I hate that stuff mom puts on my feet to make me stop itching.

6) And last I am going to the dog park more. I miss all of my friends!

I have to go now! Dad is home snuggling with me because it is New Year's Day! Mom has to work. I am going to miss her I mean she is going to miss me.