Thursday, March 5, 2015

5 tips to stay on task

It's ironic that I am posting this today because I have gotten 0 accomplished since I woke up this morning. Seriously. Maybe this post will motivate me to actually get going.

1. Check your social media then close the tabs.
Facebook and twitter are the biggest time suckers. You check every thing then "Oh look, someone else posted. And there's that person from highschool you havent talked to in years. Who did they end up marrying? Really? Hmm.... not what I expected. Let's take a gander at his friends. Yes,  I just said gander. So I check it and close it and only allow myself to check it on breaks.

2. Make a to do list.
My planner is not set up by times or morning, afternoon, evening. I have it set up by "to-do" lists. If something doesn't get accomplished today it will be rewritten on tomorrow's list. I write everything down from phone calls to make, tasks to do, appointments and dinner plans. It is all there. This kinda helps me see how much I have to get done and prioritize.

3. Set up your workspace.
In the morning when I get in my office, I go ahead and get my coffee and water ready on my desk. I keep snacks handy so I don't waste time going to the snack machine. Then I put my to do list where I can see it. After that there is no excuse to wander around the office and in the lounge.

4. Eat a good breakfast.
If I am hungry you can forget me staying on task. So I try to eat a healthy, protein rich breakfast so I stay full and focused.

5. Give yourself breaks.
If I try to work through the day without any breaks I find my mind wandering and I zone out and then the day is gone. I might as well go home at that point. So I try to giv myself a 5 minute break every hour or so to break up the time. I will walk around or check social media or read a blog post. Anything to give my brain a break from work.

Usually this plan works for me and I can make it through my day in a somewhat productive manor. How do you stay on task?

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Diana Cloudlet said...

So beautiful and interesting post! Like your blog and the way you write!

Diana Cloudlet