Monday, May 30, 2011

success for the pups!

So the past 2 days the pups have been on a probational period to see if their crates could go to storage. We shut all the doors, picked up ANYTHING that may be tempting and told them to "watch the house". 7 hours we returned. The house was in perfect condition, Riley was waiting by the door with his blanket and favorite toy and Lacey was sleeping on the couch. I was a very proud mommy, but I wasn't convinced that it wasn't a fluke. So today was day 2. This time we went 10 hours which was the longest time they would ever have to be alone. Again, Riley was loyally waiting by the door and Lacey was sleeping. So, they earned it! The crates will be moved to storage. The dogs are happy that they get freedom. I am happy I get my laundry room back!

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