Monday, February 20, 2012

Hallie the boxer

So this post should have been posted months ago, but I haven't had the time or the motivation to blog. Lazy, I know. Most of you know Hallie by now. She is kind of a big deal. Here is how the little Diva ended up with the Castleberry crew.
You see we spend all show season qualifying for Oklahoma, where Grand Nationals and the World Championship is. This year Sara and her horse Rifle qualified so my parents loaded up the truck and went for a week of fun! I am still a little bitter by the way. Anyways, John, a fellow horse lover just happened to have one of his rescue/foster dogs there. That adorable little pup just happened to be a boxer.

Let me explain the importance of the breed. My grandfather used to raise boxers. Big beautiful boxers with canadian bloodlines. The dogs were my grandfathers pride and joys. When the last one, Brutus, passed away we never got another one. Everyone in the family toyed with the idea but no one ever went through with it. In January, when papa passed away, I really wanted a boxer but ended up with Riley (see his story below). I'm rambling.
Well while in Oklahoma, Hallie attached herself to dads hip and he fell in love. When my parents left Oklahoma, Ms. Hallie jumped in the truck and refused to get out. They were not looking to adopt so they left without Hallie. Two weeks later mom, the sisters and I were secretly filling out adoption papers. And 1 week later.... Surprise!!!! Dad went to pick up his baby and they have been inseparable since.
Hallie's new life includes going to the office, barn and the farm. She enjoys breakfast and lunch ordered in ( she has to rough it and eat plain dog food for dinner). She has 3 "sisters" that adore her, a puppy friend named chloe and a dog bed for lounging during the day ( she sleeps next to her parents in the human bed). But most of the time Hallie spends her time going from person to person spreading love and joy. You can't have a bad day around her. It's not possible. Who rescued who?
Any who sorry for the long sappy post. I just love that little smooshy face rescue and hope she inspires other to rescue.

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