Monday, March 4, 2013

The Craftroom/blogging room

Hello loves!

Today I started thinking about how we all blog in our own little nooks and crannies but we never actually get to see where each other blogs.

I like to be able to put a name to a face. Take it a step further and a bit more stalkerish... I like to be able to imagine people in their own little environment. So I figure eventually post by post I can let you visit me in my home.

First stop, the office/craftroom. When I want to feel important I tell the hubs I will be in my blogging room doing official blog business.

One thing that I insisted on was a wall full of bookshelves. I have always loved reading and think that private libraries are romantic. I am a nerd.

I loved the idea of a nice open work space that 2 people could use. I also needed a way to fill this huge room. So we put the desk in the middle and got 2 chairs.

Excuse the mess. It was a hardcore crafting day!
I am an organizer. I have binders with receipts for each year. I have binders for each dog and horse's medical records. I have binders for the blog, our medical records and recipes... the list goes on and on. I needed a place to store the binders without them taking up space on my bookshelves.

Enter, the Pottery Barn Hutch... 
It needs stuff. And I needed to clean up from painting. Oops. I am a real human, ya'll.

Then I decided I really needed a print station. It needed to have drawers to hold my different stationary but fit the room. My mom thrifted an antique dresser, we painted it black and I fell in love. With a piece of furniture. It happens.

I am eventually switching out the handles and knobs on this. One is missing but it's still a charming piece. 

Then there is the view from the backside of the house which is where this room is located. It looks like this... 
Casper aka my little "cappy roo" ans yes I yell that from the 3rd story window to get his attention in between blog posts.
Is he not perfect?

Eventually I am adding a crafting table, but for now it works. 
Where do you blog?
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Staci said...

I love the idea of putting the desks in the middle! Genius! And your bookcases make me drool