Monday, May 27, 2013

The reason my name could NEVER be Grace....

Remember when you were little and you played house or barbies and you ALWAYS chose a name other than your actual name? 

Am I the only one who did that? I always wanted to be a Stacey or Lilly, but my favorite name was Grace. Why did mom name me Mallory and not Grace? All the Grace's I new were adorable, dressed well and had the best toys. And they got away with more because their sweet name played tricks on people. 

Okay so I only knew one Grace, but the brat was living large. I mean I was spoiled rotten, but she was spoiled and petted on by all the teachers. 

I found out last weekend why my name could never be Grace. 

Ugh..  this is embarrassing but here goes... I broke my toe. Here is where I should make up a story... I fell was thrown off a wild stallion, my foot was ran over by a car while I saved a fellow pedestrian, I was in a bar fight in stilettos. Nope. 

The truth is, I broke my toe at a church retreat. I was sitting down when it happened. We were sitting at tables and some of our backs were to the speakers so we had to turn our chairs so we were not rude. The speaker at the time was the Priest. Okay, best behavior time. I listened attentively and when it was time for group discussion I kind of picked up my chair but kept my butt in it. I then proceeded to put the chair on the toe and plop down oh so gracefully. Then, because the Priest was behind me and I could not shout profanities I did this number....

I am pretty sure my face really caught fire. As soon as I could I ran to the restroom to check my wounds. I was gushing blood and was the first person to use the new meeting facilities first aid kit. I am a legend, I tell you. I spent the rest of the weekend limping every where we had to go. It was really cute and graceful.

 My husband tried to look concerned when I got home but he then he busted out laughing. It's okay, I milked it and he cleaned Casper's stall for a week. Laugh away Chris, Laugh away. 

So that is why my mom was right in not naming me Grace, but instead opting for Mallory, which in some baby books means "unlucky". Come to think of it, the next Grace I knew was a terror so she can keep her lovely name. It doesn't work for me anyways. 

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