Sunday, June 2, 2013

A beautiful weekend...

Ahhh, the weekend. 

I did absolutely nothing and I am not sorry. 
I got the award for being lazy this weekend. 

Okay, lets start at Saturday. 
I slept until .... let's just say really late. 
I woke up and got dressed in my lazy girl jeans and headed to the barn. 
I didn't even muster up the energy to ride, y'all. How sad is that?
I spent the day watching training horses, snuggling with Soul and helping the kids bathe their horses after their rides. I was content with the coldest bottle of water, the breeze blowing and sun and sand. I pretended I was tanning at the beach. 

I came home from the barn and soaked in the tub and then decided to take a nap. 
See how productive this weekend is turning out to be so far? 
I get lazier if you can believe it. 

Sunday, I slept late again. 
I worked on making a new "It Works" binder for all of my client sheets. 
(shameless plug: 
I napped again. 
And finally decided to drag myself to the grocery store to buy wine and cookies. 

It was the perfect weekend. Perfect. I hope to do it again in 5 days! 

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