Sunday, June 9, 2013

Breaking point...

As of Friday I had reached the breaking point. Admit it ... We all have one. Don't pretend you don't.
Mine just happens to be really ugly. REALLY, REALLY ugly.

Chris asked me why I dispatched a customer request the way I did and I came unglued. I am talking screaming, cursing, psychotic.

A coworker told me to smile. I told him to make me. (I swear I am 5).

Anyways, this weekend was much needed.

Saturday, I went to a women's church group meeting and then had dinner with the hubs and his grandparents. He treated me to chinese food even though I was a crazy lady.

Sunday, We went to Mass and then a church potluck dinner. After the potluck we went to a birthday party for our Godson. They had zoo animal cupcakes! I should have taken pictures, but I made myself not think about this week, which meant not thinking about work, the blog, working out... so no pictures.

After the birthday party Chris spoiled me and bought me new running shoes. I love that man. He just ordered take out so I don't have to cook. Sorry ladies, he does not have a brother.

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