Sunday, September 15, 2013

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

Have you guys forgotten about me? Probably.
I have a really good reason as to why I have been absent. I was chasing a $10,000 bonus. Did I get it? No, but I did promote! That's one thing I love about It Works! Global. I can promote every month and I control my income. I am really excited to see what september brings.
Speaking  of September... it is normally around 90 degrees in Georgia in September,  this weekend it has been in the 60's! We might actually get fall weather in the fall and not the winter.  Fingers crossed!
I hope to get to post more.  I went and bought a new tablet because my laptop was a pain to lug around to events and meetings so that should mean in downtime I can post. Hopefully. Right now I am headed outside to enjoy this weather!

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