Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bye bye Bear

This one is going to be hard.
This is my therapy so here goes...
Yesterday, my dog of 17 years crossed the rainbow bridge.
No pictures... I cant bring myself to dig them out right now.
It's been a whirlwind life and you have been there for 17 years. Wow. We brought you home 2 weeks before Christmas. You weighed 8 ounces. Being a black long haired chihuahua,  you looked like a tiny bear cub. We called you our baby bear.
That first night you were missing your mommy and litter mates so I slept in the living room floor with you wrapped up in a quilt. If we hummed Silent Night it soothed you. I perfected that song over the next few weeks until you were used to us.
After the timid phase was over, your feisty side showed. Your nickname was killer, because of your vicious growl. You were 5 pounds of crazy.  You went camping with us, to the farm and even a horse show or two. We dressed you up and snuggled you like a baby.
You refused to be house trained and favored Sara's belongings.  You guys were never friends. You outlived 3 other rescue dogs. You preferred exploring outdoors even though you were tiny.  You were never a yappy chihuahua and you were very brave.
As you grew older my respect for you grew. I watched you lose your vision and most of your hearing. I prayed for you to go peacefully and you did, after your morning outing and during your nap. I love you little man. Go rest with Link. I will see you later. Be ready for snuggles and my awful singing voice.
Love you,
Sissy mal

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