Saturday, January 23, 2016

Ava Grace's Birth Story: Part 1

Going into this pregnancy I was terrified. I do not do well with medical stuff and the thought of being poked and groped and in a hospital terrified me. I considered a home birth because I knew that I was risking a panic attack by delivering in a hospital. Towards the end of the pregnancy I was so over it I didn't care where I delivered. I just wanted her out. I tried everything to induce labor. EVERYTHING...

Pineapple juice, spicy food, eggplant parmesan, walking, bouncing, nipple stimulation, sex... Nothing worked. People risked their lives when they would ask, " You still haven't had that baby?" Um... I still look like a freaking beached whale don't I? I was irritable and so ready to have Ava Grace in my arms.

The best thing I did was join a Facebook group for mommies due in December. We all battled the pregnancy woes together and they assured me my body could do this. We all naively compared birth plans and I actually thought I stood a good chance of sticking to mine. It was simple and didn't include any crazy requests.

 I wanted to be able to avoid the IV as long as possible.
 I only wanted my mom and Chris in the room.
 I didn't want many visitors before, during and after.
And the most important one...
I wanted the epidural. ASAP.

I didn't need a special playlist or a special tea to relax me or any of that. I just wanted the drugs so hopefully I wouldn't panic or throw up and pass out from pain. I pictured myself going into labor at work and strolling to the car. Hubs would drive me to the hospital we would check in. I would get the drugs and all would be well. Ha... Little did I know...

She was due Friday, December 4th. She didn't get the memo. Saturday and Sunday I felt like crap. My hands were swelling and I felt light headed. My appointment was Wednesday to talk about our next step, but I knew I probably wouldn't make it until then.

Monday morning I woke up and went to work. My sister and I were working on setting up our new office so it was kind of a chill day but around 10:00AM my hands started swelling  to the point where I couldn't make a fist. I tried to ignore it but then my vision started to blur. Fun, I know.

I called the Dr and they said to come in so I got my grandmother to drive me because I couldn't see road signs at that point. At the Dr. they said my blood pressure was high. I was dilated to a 2 and Ava Grace was at station 2. Final verdict: go to the hospital, we will induce you.

I was so nervous but so excited all at the same time. It kind of hit me... I am about to have to push a child out of my body! I went and picked up hubs and we grabbed lunch and headed to the hospital.
That's where the real fun starts...

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