Friday, February 12, 2016

Ava Grace : Birth Story Part 2

I finally have a minute to finish little one's birth story.

We were to the part where we went to the hospital. We go in and they send us to our room. The nurse comes in and starts going through all the fun check in questions. Once she is done with that Chris runs to the car to get our things and I call mama and daddy. They had picked up my sister, Anna and my grandmother and were on the way down. 

They arrived just as Chris was bringing up dinner. Only two people were allowed in the room with me at a time so everyone started rotating shifts. At 9pm the nurse came in and inserted Cervadil to get things going. I was told that at 9am they would start Pitocin. I thought we had plenty of time to sleep and rest up. Ava Grace had other plans. 

I get up to pee and climb back into bed and hook myself back up to the annoying monitors. I was trying to get comfy and was snuggling the labor bear (bear made from the quilt that was in the room when my great grandmother delivered each of her children) and decided to roll over. That's when I felt a pop and warm fluid running down my thighs. At this point mom was in the room and my dad, grandmother, sister and hubby were all supposed to be chilling in the lobby. I woke mom up and she went to get a nurse while I called Chris. He was in the room within 60 seconds. He had been sleeping in the car because it was more comfy. How he made it that fast, I will never know. 

I looked at the clock and it was 4:30am. I had to pee again and started vomiting (morning sickness to the end!). The nurse came in at 5am. She checked me and I was dilated to 5. She asked if I wanted an epidural and I said "yes, please!". So, she went off to order it and said I had some time. I swear, the second she walked out the door I told mom and Chris, "I think this is it. I need to push."

At 5:50am the nurse and midwife came in to set up the room. The anesthesiologist came in to do the epidural and my vein collapsed for my IV so he said he would come back after they got a new one started. We didn't make it that far...

At 6:15 I looked at the midwife and said, "I can't wait for the Dr. or the epidural. I need to push now." At this point they were rushing to get the room ready, she was getting dressed and I said to hell with it I can't wait and started pushing by myself. I couldn't believe that I was going through NATURAL child birth. What the heck?!

I pushed like 5 times and at 6:34am Ava Grace entered the world. It went so fast and I was so proud of myself for doing it natural! I felt like superwoman and then they laid my precious gift on my chest. I looked at her, and said, "Hello my baby Ava Grace. We have been waiting so long for you." It was magical. There is nothing like meeting your first child.

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