Wednesday, March 23, 2011

wedding stresses

So it is weird to say, but in 45 days I will be Mallory Leighann Castleberry-Hermann. Yes I am hyphenating. I debated on the topic and decided that while I am very excited to be Mrs. Christopher Robert Hermann, I want to honor my family by kind of keeping my last name. I am proud of my heritage and where I came from. It's funny most women agree with me, but a lot of men have an issue with this. If the shoe were on the other foot, what would they do?
Anyways... I am super excited about the wedding but super nervous too. My main fear, waking up late and my hair not being done or my make up looking shiny or someone in the wedding party forgetting something. Yeah, not even nervous about the "I do" just the getting there.
I think Chris is getting nervous too. At least I hope thats why he has been a jerk lately. Seriously, if this continues I am going to kick his butt. He has been so "i hate everyone, everything, blah" lately and it is really bringing me down. I can feel his negativity weighing me down and I am about to break. It is not making wedding planning any easier. anywho... say a prayer for us.

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