Monday, July 8, 2013

Reasons I love Georgia Summers.

I am sitting here in the AC,  staring out at a super sunny day, dreaming of being off in 3 days for a 4 day weekend. I love summer and I cannot wait for summer activities this weekend.
I thought I would share some of my favorites...
My piece of Heaven on Earth 

1. Banana splits.
Actually any ice cream treat, but this week my favorite is the banana split. So many awesome flavors in one thing and it's cold. Plus, I can say it's healthy, there is fruit in it!

2. The lake or river or pool, we have it all here.
I am a water bug. I love floating around and playing on the boat and I am not happy until I have been out on the lake. Sadly, our boat is down but that doesn't mean I can take advantage of the beach or one of the many dirt road swimming holes around here.

3. Driving.
I love driving my car with the windows down and music up. I love driving the jeep with the top off. I love driving the Gator or the four wheeler or even the tractor. There is just something about the warm air and the sunshine and wheels.

4. Tanning.
Sleeping in the sun in a hammock. Yes please.

5. Lightening bugs.
I can sit and watch them forever. Last night there were fireworks going off  and we sat in the barn with the horse and watched them while the lightening bugs danced.

6. The food.
Bar-b-Que , funnel cakes, ice cream, fresh veggies, fruit, anything on the grill... I love summer food. Plus, you eat most of it with friends, outside. Magic.

What's your favorite part of summer?

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