Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Years Resolutions: Late I know

I know, I know late to the game. It wouldn't be from me if it wasn't late. Maybe I should that to my resolutions.

#1 I am going to try to be on time more. Seriously, don't laugh. I am going to try to schedule things and stick      to the time I schedule.

#2 Lose weight. I type that with sweet tea in one hand, so I might fail before I begin.

#3 Blog more. Again don't laugh. I really want to do better at this.

#4 Ride more. Work has really inhibited my riding and I miss my horses.

#5 Make more time for friends and relationships. We don't have forever here so we need to enjoy the loved      ones we have while we are here. I allow myself to get to busy.

#6 Spend more Sundays doing nothing with my husband.

#7 Actually landscape this place!

#8 Build up our savings.

#9 Build my It Works! team! 2014 is my year. I am determined!

#10 Have a baby... maybe?

#11 Mend broken bridges and get closure about some things. (Dreading this one)

#12 Drink more water. Sweet tea runs through my veins y'all.

#13 Wear something other than yoga pants to work. It is so hard when you own the place and really have no        one to impress. I am going to dress cute for myself though!

#14 Read a book a month. I miss reading. Maybe a book club will help :)

Now let's see if I can stick to any of these.

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