Sunday, January 26, 2014

Little Signs

Do you believe in little signs from above?

I do. Without a doubt.

Last night as I was wading through tax paperwork I got one of these signs. Weird timing and I first I didn't catch what was happening because I was so absorbed in numbers.

Background: My grandfather passed away 4 years ago. You can read my posts about it here , here and here. I miss him. His favorite singer was George Jones. They had a similar life and he related. So, when I am missing him or need to relax I listen to old Country. There is one time I remember George Jones sang "Amazing Grace" acapella. My grandfather loved it and after his death I searched for a version of it. I couldn't find it and gave up. George Jones always talked about how the song "Angel Band" brought him out of a dark point in his life. I sang that song at Papa's funeral. (all of that will be relevant in a minute)

So there I was, trying to figure out where the other receipt for travel went and I thought, " Why don't I put on some music?"  I picked up my phone and Facebook was open. Country music nation had just posted a link of George Jones doing a cover of "Hello Darlin'...".

I thought  Old country it is.

I flipped to Pandora and chose the Classic Country station. The first song on was Conway Twitty singing "Hello Darlin...". Hmm... odd coincidence.

 The second song was "Amazing Grace". The acapella version by George Jones. I got goosebumps and then tears.

There was a stupid Pandora commercial and then "One Piece at a Time" by Johnny Cash came on. Papa and I used to laugh at the thought of that car in the song when I was a kid.

I still didn't catch the sign.

The third song was my favorite George Jones song... "He Stopped Loving Her Today". It is about a man who only stops loving when he is dead. Really sad, I know, but I used to dance on Papa's feet to it in the living room at the farm when I was little. So sad song, good memories.

The fourth song was another George Jones. I thought that's weird that Pandora is playing the same artist back to back. It was a song I had never heard called "The Blues Man".

One of the lyrics says,

"I was sure sinkin' when she came alongI was alone in the spot light, not too much left in sightShe changed all that one night when she sang me this song"

He doesn't list the lyrics to Angel Band, but every Jones fan knows that is the song she sang him. He says he heard "I Love You". 

I cried. Maybe I am crazy, but I think Papa was leading me through the memories to say he heard my last "I love you" and he loved me too.

 My husband shrugs it off. He lets me cry and guess, but he doesn't really believe it was a sign. He doesn't get stuff like that. Either way,whether I am crazy or not, I took peace in it. 

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