Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I'm so fancy

Yesterday it was a Monday. So much so that I woke up this AM and went I never finished my weekend Re-Cap. Oops.

This weekend we decided to be anti-social. Sometimes we really just need a weekend with just the two of us. To reconnect and enjoy each other without interruptions from the rest of the World. So we told the friends and fam sorry catch you next week!

Saturday we decided we both needed new church clothes. I LOVE dress shopping. I rarely get to dress girly. I work in the automotive field with 20 guys so it is usually jeans and a cute shirt or yoga pants and tank tops or t shirts. Then on the weekends I am in riding attire.
Seriously, this is typical attire.

We went to his manly store first. I will not name names because it was a horrible experience. We told the consultant we needed nice but casual. CASUAL. The man comes out with sports jackets and blazers and ties. Nope. He finally brought out  some nice choices that fit our needs and Chris looked pretty snazzy. He never told us prices though. He just kept saying they are all buy one get one. This is my fault I probably should have demanded he be more upfront but I thought " BOGO... It can't be that bad."

Wrong. Four pants and four shirts later we are at $700.00. That is after the BOGO. Keep in mind, we are not buying tuxedos or even suits. This is khakis and polos and button ups. WTH? Then the guy gives us all the wrong sizes to take home. Needless, to say Chris didn't get church clothes from there.

My shopping experience was much better. Marshall's 4 dresses... $75.00. That is how it's done folks! I would post pictures but I think you guys will have to wait for some OOTD posts.

After that we went to hit the antique stores. If you know us you know my husband is a hardcore nerd/history buff. If it happened before 1930 he can tell you all about it. He has also always dreamed of a library full of old books. One of the antique stores we went into he zigged left and I zagged right. Right into his version of heaven.  There were floor to ceiling shelves with the oldest books I have EVER seen.

I quickly grabbed Chris and sat back and smiled as he poured over all the books. He is so cute in his element.

Bottom Left: 1695! It was gorgeous. 
I admit I was amazed by some of them. Some of them were dated 1695... 1770 (complete with a Preface letter to the KING!) and 1640. Some of them were medical books from the 1800's. There were first editions from pretty much everyone including Twain and a few others. They all had prices like $375...$700...$5000. Yes, for the amount I could buy a new horse my hubby can buy a book. But I admit,  I felt fancy in that old book collection. I just needed brandy and pearls. Maybe I will let him convert the basement into his dream library and when I want to feel fancy I will grab brandy and pearls and retire to a fainting sofa to read.

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