Monday, June 30, 2014

150th Anniversary of Kennsaw Mtn Battle

This weekend was a total history nerd weekend with the hubs. This weekend was the 150th anniversary of the battle at Kennesaw Mountain. It is a huge deal to Civil War history buffs such as the hubs. To say he was a little kid Saturday morning is an understatement.

Our Morning started at 6am Saturday. Take a minute and let that sink in.... 6AM... on a Saturday.

We got ready and headed to our favorite restaurant for breakfast. Chris basically inhaled his while he watched the clock and looked at his event schedule. We made it to Kennesaw Mountain in record time.

 It was supposed to rain but the weather was gorgeous all day. We walked around and looked at a few of the "camps" while we waited for the shuttles to take us to the mountain top. My favorite tent was an example of a refugee family forced from their home by the war.

At 9am we boarded the trolley to the top of the mountain. The trolley ride was fun and the views were gorgeous. I had my It Works shirt on and had several people asking about the products so I passed out cards and chatted to pass the time. It Works is seriously the most fun I have ever had working and I can work anywhere.

When we got to the top of the mountain this was our view:

Breathtaking huh?

At the top of the mountain we met a blogger that is a photographer and history buff and chatted a bit while we waited for the cannon demonstration.

The rest of the day was filled with much of the same. Trolley rides and demonstrations. Chris was totally in his element and I love seeing him that happy. Hopefully we will be attending more reenactments!

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