Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weekend re-cap

I failed this weekend. Or did I?
I forgot to take pictures because I was living. Oops.
Saturday, I climbed into the saddle on Soul. Last week I rode Raffany as a warm up. He was perfect and I was thankful because after 3 months off, I could not handle a challenge.
Soul was also a perfect boy. I felt like I was all over the place and my abs... ow. But we are slowly making progress. Also, my back hates my F breasts. A reduction may be needed. Or does anyone have any suggestions for an amazing sports bra for large tatas?
Sunday I washed the car. Fun I know.  Then I surprised the hubby at work. He surprised me by taking me to the barn that we met at . I love impromptu visits to places that mean so much. It was amazing to be back on the property where we first dated. The fields were grown up and the barns were gone. The house was falling in, but being there with him sitting in the field with his arms around me took me back 10 years. It's the little things.

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