Monday, August 25, 2014

Beat the Heat

The heat this summer hasn't been to unbearable except the whole 100% humidity everyday. The humidity in Georgia is unbearable. You walk outside and it is pretty much instant sweat. Ick. Our AC decided to crash on us at home and at work which made me start thinking about ways to beat the heat. 

Sweet Tea 
I think the reason sweet tea is like fine wine down here in the south is that it is the perfect beat the heat drink.  It is sweet and cool and perfect. I drink mine from a chilled mason jar, and yes I did this BEFORE Pinterest said it was cool. 

Pool and lake time! 
This is a given. Here in Georgia we have a few awesome lakes. I have my favorite up in the mountains that I run too when the heat gets brutal. It is also imperative that you know someone with a pool to make it through the summers here. If your pool buddy is missing and you don't feel like hooking up the boat or SeaDoos, I recommend hiking to one of the water falls (we have a billion here) or heading to the many rivers or creeks around here. Devil'e Elbow is the local hot spot around here. 

Washing the car
You get two things taken care of in one swoop here. Friday night we washed one of the big tow trucks together as a company. It was the hottest day of the year and we needed to cool down. Plus, the truck had a car show to attend. Between soaping up the truck there was a lot of spraying each other with hoses and pretending we hated it. It felt amazing. That 106 heat index with 97% humidity was no joke. 

Homemade Ice Cream
We hit the triple digits again on Saturday but the event we were at had homemade ice cream. There is nothing in this world like homemade ice cream. Why is that? I have no idea but I had 2 cups of it and no, I don't feel even a morsel of regret. It was cold and sweet and I would love some right now... at 9am... this is why I will never be a size 2. 

Those are just a few ways I beat the heat down in here in the dirty muggy south. How do you handle the summer heat? 

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