Friday, August 1, 2014

Kinda like Serena and Venus...

I know I wrote a post earlier about how I haven't really enjoyed this summer. I mean it hasn't been awful but it has kinda been all work and no play and I have had basically no saddle time.

I did manage to squeeze in at least one ride and it was a ride that meant A LOT. You see, my sister and I have ridden together since we were kids. Mom would load us up and take us to the barn where we would tack up and hit the arena together. We would stay all day riding our horses and once we got REALLY good we started working with other peoples' horses. Our trainer was like a second mom to us and she always made sure we got some AMAZING opportunities. (She still does)

We started showing shortly after. Sara was always the pretty rider that could make it look effortless. I was always the effective rider that could take a horse that was unruly or untrained and take him/her through the levels and win. We did well in the show world. We bonded with our horses and they enjoyed their jobs. It showed in the arena.

Skip ahead to a few years later. School schedules collided, boys came into the picture, babies and marriage happened and while we were riding it was only occasionally and never together.

Until a few weeks ago....

Sara and I left work and went to the barn together. We stepped out of the car and I looked at Sara and said, "Do you realize it's been years since we have been in a ring together?" We walked into the barn and grabbed our horses. Our trainer made the same comment, " It has been years since my girls have been in an arena together."

Our ride was fantastic. Our horses behaved perfectly. Sara looked flawless and I worked hard to get Soul to understand what we were working on. We zigged and zagged around each other. She is the only person I can ride with and I know I don't have to make sure she isn't going to run into me. We have a 6th sense about where the other is about to turn. It's kinda cool.

 At one point we were taking our walk breaks and looked up and people from the barn were standing around the arena watching us. One of the ladies from the barn said, "I cant believe you two are in the arena together again." Mom stood proudly on the side line with my nephew, talking to him about how maybe one day he could be an equestrian like mama and auntie.

I know it seems like it is not a big deal for 2 people to ride horses together. Heck, I ride with 8 other people in the arena with me all the time. But Sara and I were always together. Always trying to be better than the other, challenging each other, cheering for each other and laughing at each other. Even though it is an individual sport we are a team and that day we felt like celebrities kinda like Serena and Venus, but without all the money and sponsors. Who knows maybe once life slows down a little we will show together again.

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