Friday, August 29, 2014


Two weeks ago mom came up to my desk at work talking about this book she was reading and how life changing it was.

Life changing? That caught my attention.

She explained that it was a challenge basically.

A challenge? I love a good challenge.

The book...
Find it Here
Now I am only on like Chapter 3 but it is already so good and mom and I already started our journals. Mom is already at like 524 gifts or blessings. I am at 278. It is amazing. You start looking at the little things, good memories start floating the top and it is so much easier to block out the negative. This is week two and I already feel lighter and more appreciative and closer to God. I also feel like my relationships with family and friends are more cherished. I am living in the moment and realizing how good things really are and I have decided that I might just keep going once I hit 1000. Why stop at 1000?

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