Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Feeling Foggy

Last night I had an allergic reaction to who knows what. It was lovely. I had hives, itchy skin... the whole 9 yards. Chris finally talked me into taking Benadryl, which I hate doing because I can't handle it. It knocks me out and puts me in a fog. So here I am, barely functioning at work.
I just had to deal with one off our most difficult customers and right now a "Currently" post seems to be in order. I  haven't done one in awhile. 

 Listening to... Lindsey Stirling station on Rdio
Eating... Nothing. I had a Cheddar bagel with Jalapeno cream cheese earlier from BBs New York bagels. And yes, I took Fat Fighters after.
Drinking... Sweet tea. It's the only thing getting me through this AM. Do not under estimate a glass of sweet iced tea. 
 Wearing... black  dress pants, heels, and a  black and gray sweater.
Feeling... Drowsy
Weather... Gloomy
Loving... My new Mistletoe candle
Wanting...  a vacation. It has been OVER a year.
Needing... Sleep.
Reading... Nothing. Which is unlike me, but school has taken over. 
Thinking... about how much I have to do this weekend.
Enjoying... My new office supplies mom surprised me with and the keyboard case Chris got me for my tablet. I am a nerd.

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