Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I try to remember what I am thankful for daily. I even started a Blessings Journal. This time of the year usually makes us think about  it a little bit more. This year has been a wild ride. I have been at my highest and my lowest. Some of the biggest changes of my life occured this year and even though it was a little rocky it has been one of  the most rewarding.
So here it is...
What I am thankful for this year.
My family and how close we have grown.
Getting to experience carrying a child even if it ended with pain.
Chris's new job and the free time it has given us.
My faith journey and how close I am to God right now. (I have even found patience. Gasp!)
My home.
My health.
My friends.
Casper and the fact I was able to give him an amazing retirement. (Thanks mom and dad!)
The dogs and their never wavering loyalty.
The bond I share with my sisters.
Rosewood Farm and my barn family.
My marriage.
I could go on and on but you get it, I am blessed beyond belief.
So now off to enjoy a few of those blessings. Happy Thanksgiving!
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