Monday, December 15, 2014

Santa Visit : Fail

Christmas is 10 days away! I feel like this holiday season is flying by and that makes me sad because this has been on the best ones we have had in years.

Last weekend was the weekend we all had free to take my nephew to see Santa. I think I was the most excited out of the group because I missed it last year. I basically had Elf-like Christmas excitement. Chris, eh, he went along with it but he said our kids will not be partaking in the Santa Claus tradition. I quickly googled why they should be able to and blew up his phone with links while we were in line. Mature, I know.

Mr. Brantley seemed excited at first. He was looking at the lights and Christmas trees and smiling and flirting with all the little girls in line. I thought, "He's a social boy. This will be great."

 It was finally our turn to see the man in red. Yay! But then, Santa had an allergic reaction to perfume and we had to wait until they could supply him with meds and water and he caught his breath. At this point, Brantley's patience was wavering. They opened the gate and my sister didn't even make it 5 feet away from Santa and Brantley started getting upset.

This is the picture we ended up going home with:
Yeah, he loved Santa and Chris tried to use that in his fight against the "lie" (his words). I will let you in on how I won that little battle later this week. 

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JG said...

Oh my goodness! That's quite the souvenir! :)