Thursday, January 1, 2015

This year, I will...

I suck at resolutions. I start with high hopes and then around February or March I see something shiny and get side tracked. They NEVER last.

This year will be different. I think. I hope. This year I am not making resolutions, but I have a list of goals and things  I want to do. I picked out some cute paper and put it in the front of my agenda so I will see it EVERYDAY. Then, I made my list. 

This year, I will... 
1. Get healthy.
I am not going to say lose weight, although I would love to lose 50 pounds. I am going to say get     healthy. I want to feel good about myself and know that I am taking care of my body. 

This verse will be my motivation. 

2. Start an Etsy shop. 
I have picked up crocheting and knitting and I really hope to start a little shop. So far, I have a few     scarves done and some cute socks. I also want to include vintage goodies and stuff for organization.  

3. Go camping
 I have all the gear and used to go for school all the time (biology nerd here!) but I haven't gone since college. I want to go to different state parks around here. 

4. Take a trip to Cloudland Canyon. 
 This one kind of goes with #3 but it could be a day trip. I have no idea why I haven't made it out there. From what I have heard it is AMAZING. 
Photo By Dzmitry (Dima) Parul via
5. Blog more.
 I enjoy this space and I enjoy looking back on events that have happened, but for some reason I 
can never carve out enough time to actually blog. I have a notebook filled with ideas and not enough time to share them. 

6. Organize the garage. 
It is a hot mess. 

7. Payoff my last credit card.
Because I HATE debt. Hate it. 

8. Can fresh veggies. 
This year I tried to get back to the basics and make things from scratch like my great-grandmother did. I plan to continue this and learn canning! 

9. Perfect my "seat". 
I have been an equestrian since birth pretty much and there are still things that need to be fixed. It's one of those things you will NEVER be perfect at and that is why I love it. My seat used to be amazing. I rode 6 days a week and truly moved with my horse. Now that I ride like 3 times a month, I feel like a beginner. I am fixing that. 

10. Drink more water. 
Yeah, that whole get healthy thing. Sorry, Starbucks we might be divorcing. It's not you, it's me. 

11. Wear yoga pants less. 
I am already working on this. I have gotten into the habit of wearing yoga pants everywhere. Time to get back to looking a little more presentable. 

12. Serve more. 

If I can stick to this, 2015 will be a pretty amazing year. I hope yours is amazing as well. 

Happy New Years

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JG said...

I love your #1. The people I know (myself included) who made the best lasting changes focused on healthy habits, not a scale.