Tuesday, July 7, 2015

We made it to week 18!

We are officially 18 weeks this week. I have heard so many people say that their pregnancy seemed to take forever.

That's not the case here.

I feel like it has flown by. That kinda scares me.  I am terrified of the whole giving birth thing. I mean a watermelon will be ripping me in half in 22 weeks. That makes me squeamish. Very squeamish. So back to the 18 week update...

Food- I am still get sick at least once a day. Sometimes it's in the AM, but usually my body decides that during the 5pm Atlanta rush hour sounds like a good time to forsake me. I am proud to say that I have not yet lost it in the car, but that is subject to change. Food is starting to sound better. I am loving butter pecan ice cream, corn salsa, and chicken chimichangas. This is much improved over peppermint tea and plain pasta!
Changes I've noticed- The baby bump has popped! I feel huge but I know I am only going to get bigger! My hips are sore and I read that's because they are starting to stretch. They can do all the preparing they need to make this easy. I will take the soreness. I also notice I am quicker to sunburn. I looked it up and it's really a thing and not just me. 60SPF is my friend. 

The baby- According to the Bump app baby is the size of a sweet potato. The bones are starting to harden and baby can hear sounds even though they are muffled. I am still feeling flutters and little one is wild when we go to the Dr. and it is hard to keep it still while we listen to the heart. 

Daddy- Chris is so excited and it is adorable. Even though we do not now if it will be a girl or a boy yet, he made me buy gender neutral onsies the other day because he cannot wait. We also went ahead and started setting up the nursery. We are going with a nautical theme and I cannot wait to decorate. 

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MeandMySoldierMan said...

:) I felt like my pregnancy went by quickly too! (Of course, Baby G skipped the final month, so that's part of it.) But I had an easy pregnancy so it didn't feel like much of a slog. And, I know this comment won't get me likes on facebook, but reading birth stories and such only made my delivery anxieties worse. Either they were all sensationalized worst-case-scenarios (click-bait), or they were fairly judgmental ("I gave birth at home because I wasn't TOO AFRAID TO HANDLE IT ON MY OWN"). And when the time came, it really didn't make any huge difference. If you've got the basic idea, which you do, you'll be fine :)