Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pain meds, 1200lb beasts and food.

I have walked through this lovely Tuesday thinking it was Friday all day. Tomorrow is going to be a rude awakening.
Via - Via

It actually hasn't been a bad day. I did have to cancel my lesson because I am on some pretty heavy pain meds. Something about 1200 lb animals and not being on your toes just doesn't mix. Especially when one of those lovelies gets so excited to see you, he turns into a bucking, leaping goof ball and the other is a newbie. I do not have a death wish.

In other news... my husband is perfect and spoils me rotten. I got french toast this morning for breakfast. I think french toast is probably the yummiest breakfast food ever. It is so weird though. Who thought "I am going to dip this bread in egg and let it get soggy and fry it up?" Every time I try to get crazy in the kitchen it is a flop.

This post has no rhyme or reason. Just rambles. That is my brain this week!

And my small attention span is taking me elsewhere...

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