Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Week #8

Week 8. How am I already 8 weeks pregnant? I feel like I just found out. I actually cried a little when I realized the first trimester is 2/3 done. I am extremely weepy these days. No one tells you that.

Actually there is a lot no one tells you...

Don't get me wrong, I love being pregnant. I love this child already more than I thought possible. However, pregnancy is weird and I think people should be fair warned.

 The symptoms aren't what I thought they would be. 
It wasn't the missed period and sleepiness and slightly upset stomach I thought it would be. Oh no, Baby H wanted to make an announcement. I am talking excruciating cramps. I thought "Wow, this period is going to be rough." Little did I know we were going to bypass that fiasco this month. After 2 weeks of cramping I realized I was a little late and decided to take a test. And then another. And then Another. All positive. Apparently that pain is everything adjusting down there and will get worse. Lovely.

Morning sickness is a lie. 
No sickness of the morning here. It is actually just constant sickness and actually it gets worse in the evening when it is time for the yummy food like steak. I miss steak. I did find these magical things called Preggy Pops. I love saying Preggy Pops but seriously, they work almost instantly. The food aversions are real. I haven't wanted any sweets and I am typically a chocoholic.

Crying... oh the crying... 
So, everything makes me want to cry. Especially if it is child or animal related. And if I do start crying, I can't stop. It can be an hour later and tears will be streaming down my face and I can't stop! I feel like a lunatic.

My face looks like a 14 year old boys.
No pregnancy glow here. Just a lot of face wash and acne. Just my luck. Oh yeah, and your hair falls.

Despite all of this I am super excited and I actually don't mind it all. It just is so weird. By the way, the baby is the size of a green olive and I may have cried when I looked at the chart and realized a watermelon is on that chart.

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