Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Goals for July

It kind of hit me this morning... this year is almost over. I just passed through June and really haven't accomplished much. I mean my marriage is the best it's ever been and I am working on the diet, but I want more! So, I am setting goals for July. I can do this. Here goes:

#1 Work it.
This month I have decided to really work my business as hard as I can. I have set major goals. I want to add 4 loyal customers and 3 distributors to my team and I want to help someone grab the $10,000 bonus. If you are interested in joining my team or want our amazing products click my It Works! link over on the side bar! Any questions... email me!

#2 Ride more
I haven't been to the barn in 3 weeks. In all fairness my trainer has been on vacation 2 of those weeks, but one week I was slacking. My butt needs saddle time!

#3 Finish a book 
I started Oogy months ago and have yet to finish it. I will finish it this month! Hold me too it and demand a review at the end of the month please.

#4 Finish another Bible study
I want to choose another one (maybe a quick one) and finish it with the hubs. Any suggestions or favorite books?

#5 Get back on budget! 
We have been awful. Awful. Time to get back on track! (This may take longer than 30 days)

Y'all hold me to it! I will post here and there on how it's going. I am off to read some Oogy. 
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