Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dear Brantley

Dear Brantley,
Just a quick catch up letter so 20 years from now you can see what life at 8 months was like and I can embarrass you in front of the ladies. That is going to be hard to do because you are the cutest baby ever. Seriously. Auntie Anna makes you model and this is what we get:

Perfection. The blue seat, matches you blue jean diaper, that matches those big blue eyes. 

These days you are crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything. Oh and everything has to go in your mouth. Sometimes that gets a little interesting and a little gross. The toys, your toes, the dogs ear.... 

This particular moment it was just your fingers. 

You love all things dangerous. The four wheeler and gator are 2 of your favorite things. You also enjoy your toy hammer because we tell you to be careful with it and the thrill of thinking it's dangerous makes you giggle. You also love your rattle cars. And this toy that says "shake it baby".  You like when we say silly things like, "big booty Judy" or "goofy baby" or "yummy". So random but you laugh uncontrollably.  

You have finally started eating solid food. Only took you eight months, but you decided it wasn't so bad and one of your first words was bite-bite. You can also say mama and "Gee" which is what you currently call dee-dee (nana). I hope the next word is auntie. 

You like to watch camping and farming videos with uncle Chris. You also like watching daddy and uncle Chris destroy I mean, work on things. Papa is one of your favorite people. Once he has you no one else gets a chance. You are one loved little boy. You keep us laughing and you keep us young and I love you to pieces. 

Auntie Mal

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