Monday, July 7, 2014

Old stuff and Vino

For the first time in years we had the weekend of July Fourth off!

We worked Friday. That is, if you call watching the guys shoot bottle rockets at each other while I caught up on paper work and lunch at Wild Wings, work.

Friday night, I gave min pin a Confianza so she didn't have a heart attack and we watched fireworks from our deck. Min Pin slept through them. The dog that typically panics when it rains, slept through fireworks! Fur-mama win. From our deck we can see one cities fireworks to the left and one neighborhoods show to the right. The trees were kind of in the way but it beat fighting traffic in town.

Saturday Chris woke me and up and told me to call mama and tell her he was taking us to lunch and shopping. (I am a lucky, lucky lady).

We started our adventure with lunch at Copeland's where I was a fatty and chowed on some red beans and rice. And Chris had an amazing Muffaletta. And maybe I know it was amazing because I had a quarter of it.

After getting miserable we hit the antique shops. After aisle 3 my head was spinning. Mom and I were sure it was because of all the junk treasure our senses were being bombarded with. Later, I realized it was probably the massive amount of sodium I had just ingested. Oops.

Chris was taking his time picking over every little thing while mom and I were basically running through booths like giggling lunatics that had just escaped our padded rooms. I wanted all the things. All the things.
We managed to score some pretty awesome stuff including an oil lamp to go with western theme I am currently rocking in my house.

After antiquing to the point of exhaustion, we talking Chris into taking us on our first Trader Joe's excursion. After reading about Whitney's experience, I knew I had to have some of this $3 wine and mom had been wanting to go for months. It did not disappoint. We walked through the doors and mom got her second wind of energy. At one point Chris asked her if she was going to put one of everything in her cart.

We were losing steam until we turned a corner and saw the vino. We basically turned into crackheads and couldn't decide what to get. That is how she came home with 2 bottles and I came home with 4. In my defense I only had 2 in my basket and she (being the awesome mama she is) bought me the other 2 as a treat. In case you were wondering, the $3 wine does not disappoint. At all.

My wine haul 

Sunday included a trip to the feed store where we ran into my parents and sisters and baby Brant, followed by yard work. Yuck. I managed to injure myself and nursed away my pain with the wine I scored Saturday.

So all in all, a very successful weekend.

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