Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dear Summer 2014

Dear Summer,
I feel like I haven't had a second to enjoy you. I have not had a chance to float in Lake Lanier or hike to the falls in Rabun County. I haven't been able to enjoy the food at the food truck festivals. I have sat in the saddle maybe 4 times... but that will hopefully all be different next summer.

You see this summer started off with a loss. One that hurt more than I ever thought possible. I stood up and brushed myself off, prayed for peace and got back to my normal routine. We threw ourselves into work and getting back on budget. When we finally looked up summer was almost gone. Chris works every other weekend so that left only like 6 weekends and we were so busy catching up on stuff that we didn't have time for anything else.

Today we got a life-changing call. He has been offered another job with half the hours! They have two positions. One that pays the same (5am - 2pm) and one that pays his income now plus what I make (3am- noon).  We are weighing the options with hours and pay and all that stuff. He is off every weekend so I think the lack of seeing each other during the week won't be a big deal. He thinks it will be a huge adjustment because we work together and see each other throughout the day between assignments now. We just hope it all works the way it's supposed to.

Say a prayer that it all works out!

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