Friday, September 12, 2014

Why can't we just stay lazy?

So Chris finally got that new job. Yay! The hours are better, the pay is great and full benefits. He is pretty happy. Actually he is a totally different person.

If you think about it we spend like 30%  (or more at his old job) of our time at work. If you hate your job that is a REALLY long time. As hard as he tried, he brought that negativity home. We fought at work over work stuff and then we fought at home because of his attitude. I tried to remind myself that he couldn't help his feelings but I got severely offended when he complained. He worked for my family and for some reason I took his hate for the job as a personal attack.

Skip ahead 3 weeks and wow. He is like living with a different person. He is happy and carefree and he laughs y'all. Like actual belly laughs. Our marriage is benefiting 10x over.

Know what else is benefiting?

His health. ( where did you think that was going?)

He has lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks. He is snoring less and his face is already looking thinner. Here is the problem... I am perfectly happy being lazy. Now that he is getting all buff and crap I am going to have to get more active. I mean, I know I need to do this anyways but he has a head start and he gets paid for his physical activity.

So I need quick workout ideas. Like 30 min every AM to get started. And how do y'all stay motivated? And which diet plans work the best?

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