Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Why I am a List Maker

My husband is super type A. He researches topics and makes lists constantly. If he says he wants to buy something big, it means a 6 month research project is about to happen. In a way, it is nice because we are usually well informed and get great deals. It can also be annoying because when I want something I want it now. During his research he makes pro/con lists, list on brands, lists on needs/wants, lists about everything.

When we first met the lists made me nervous. To-do lists a mile long terrify someone who is a free, go-with-the-flow spirit. It caused so many fights in the beginning and to be honest sometimes when he goes insane with the lists it still does. I do not need a list of every little thing that is wrong with our house. That is a good way to make me have a panic attack. We knew this was going to be a project when we bought it. 

Even though his super detailed lists make me squirm I have found benefits to list making. Like, I actually get things done. What?! It is true. I have found that because I am a little OCD, it drives me crazy to have something left on a list where everything else is marked off. I make small list of about 3-4 things that are manageable for the day. It keeps me focused and I can time manage based on what is on the list.

 I usually get to work and make my work to-do list. This goes on a Post-it Note on my agenda for the day.  I work through it and what ever is left goes on the next days list. There is rarely anything left. When I get home, I make a quick list of things to get accomplished for the evening. Again, anything left on it by my cut-off time is put on the next days list. I always have a cut-off time in the evenings, so I force myself to relax a little. It's usually 8:00pm. During this time computers, homework, work and phones are put away. 

I have found this is the only way I am productive. It's sad but true. If I don't have a list with a goal you can forget me accomplishing anything. Hi my name is Mallory and I need lists to be a real adult. 

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Orly said...

LOVE this post! i make lists too, it helps me keep organized and the feeling of checking something out of my list is amazing