Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Stuff My husband says

Sometimes my husband says the most ridiculous things. Most of the time it's just a line or two thrown in conversation that makes me pause and shake my head. I have decided to share his little bits of wisdom with you. Enjoy.

Watching the CMA's
Chris- "Keith Urban is wearing skinny jeans."
 Me- "Yep. It's called fashion. It drives the ladies crazy."
 Chris- "Well, he doesn't sound like himself and I blame it on the fact that his jeans are too tight."
 He sounds like he is 80 sometimes.

Talking to Lacey (the min pin)- 
She is scratching around on her bed trying to get comfy.
He says, "Lacey, just lay down already. You are being ridiculous. Do you realize that?"
Says the one talking to the dog.

Laying in bed- Me-
"I want to adopt a horse and maybe a rabbit and did you see the picture of the dog I sent you from the humane society?"
 Chris starts singing "D-I-V-O-R-C-E" by Tammy Wynette.

 Sunday AM-
 I roll out of bed later than I had planned.
Chris- "We won't make it to breakfast now."
Me- " We will go to lunch."
Chris- " But breakfast is my favorite. The song says 'stand by your man' not stand by your man unless you are tired."
How is that even relevant?

He can be a bit dramatic but I love him. Does your significant other ever make you shake your head?

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