Thursday, December 27, 2012

Big Things Poppin'

I am excited for January guys. Very excited. I have a giveaway planned and possibly a swap if I can get a co-host or two. So if you want in on this, email me. Let's work together.

I am also going into the year more organized. Be still my OCD heart. I am so excited. I have a planner for everyday life, one for bills and one for the blog. A more organized me means a more effective sponsor program. It also means that with the new bill planner, the hubs and I will be out of debt by June. That is amazing. We will just owe on the house and car, but no more credit cards.

I also have already started a diet. I decided why wait until the new year. My husband and my horses need me to be healthy now. Plus our riding uniforms are not figure friendly.

White spandex ya'll. Who decided that we would wear white? It gets dirty and we are working with animals and it makes anyone look huge. That is why we are dieting like cray cray. But not crazy enough to give up wine or Bacardi Hurricanes or sweet tea.

Big things are happening ya'll, big things. Join me!

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