Friday, December 14, 2012

Pray for Newtown

Today I was going to actually post something after a brief break. I was going to explain where I have been and all the excitement hitting my life. Then something happened... something that made my life and everything in it right now seem so trivial. Our nation was rocked by another selfish killer. This time the killer attacked innocent children. Innocent children that were looking forward to the holidays. Children who were trying to learn and grow. Children who had big dreams. They are gone.

What goes through a monster's head? Why did he have to attack people? Why did the kids have to die?

I pray for the community, the families and friends. I pray for the faculty of Sandy Hook Elementary. I pray for the children who witnessed the horrific events that unfolded today. I pray for the children that lost their lives. I pray that the nation is praying.

I will see you guys Monday.

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