Monday, December 10, 2012

Deck the Halls...

That is exactly what we did this weekend. If you follow me on instagram (@lilmrsh) you have seen the evidence! If not your about too...

Gorgeous? I think so. 

Christmas is rough. I have been trying to keep myself busy. So far, so good. 

A customer was irritated today,and made it a little tough. I told him I would get the owner for him... he shouts, " you can't the owner is DEAD!" My stomach dropped and I felt sick.  I hate the word "dead". He is no longer with us. He isn't HERE anymore. I just informed the ass Dad was the owner now. Then I sobbed. Uncontrollably at work. In front of 18 guys who just don't know how to handle it when girls cry. 

I am better now. I am sitting here enjoying the Christmas decor and ignoring any negativity that may come my way. I don't need it. No one needs it. Push away the negativity folks and enjoy the season. That's what I plan to do. Remember the reason for the season. Hug your loved ones. Sorry this went from happy to Debbie downer. 

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