Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy Little accidents and lunch in the trees

It was on of those days at work. Remember those guys I work with? The ones that bicker, tattle, complain and whine... well one of those little joys decided to attack me over a mistake that I didn't even make. 

That's right, yelled at me over a mistake that I couldn't help because I didn't do. 

He caught me on a bad day. I told him what I thought. Then I felt like a mean phsyco afterwards. Next time I am just going to look at him and say..... 
Who can argue with happy little accidents? No one. That's who. 

Moving on before my blood pressure goes up again... 
My Bff has moved back to Georgia! Thank God! I have missed her. She is my person.

 We went to lunch Saturday at a local nursery/gift shop. They moved all the small Christmas trees into the cafe and decorated them. So we had lunch in a mini forest! We also drove around looking at different neighborhoods for her to buy a house. We rounded out the night with a cookout, SEC football, wine and a bonfire. It was an awesome girl's day. 

I just noticed this post has no rhyme or reason. Sorry. Just a mumble jumbled update. It's kind of awkward but then again so am I. 

By the way... we still haven't put up a tree. Is any one else slacking in the Christmas department?  

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